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About The Artist

Kylie Hawkins is a PNW professional Makeup Artist based out of the Greater Seattle area, providing service internationally to Clients who are searching for that "you but better" glamorous glow that you get when a blissful vacation meets the pampering of a Hollywood A-Lister.

She values her clients style, personality and confidence, and works to create the perfect look desired for each individual. 

With over 10+ years experience, and trained in traditional & airbrush application, film, tv & print. Her professional day to day experience includes bridal, portrait, boudoir, special event and creative makeup application. 

Fun fact! This is just one of two business that kylie owns, The second, a seasonal photography studio catering to families and holiday family portraits, so her understanding of makeup fit for photography is spot on. ​

When asked about her favorite part of the job.

"My favorite part would have to be the client relationship, I love getting to know my clients and who they are day to day. I'm nosy, so I ask all the questions to help me paint a better picture of who the client is on the inside, so I can help portray their true self on the outside, and I think that's my gift, its why I'm so passionate about what I do."

Today Kylie continues to showcase her work serving, and focusing on brides, pulling out the best versions of themselves, (a 2.0 if you will), in a timeless look, that will leave them feeling and looking their best.



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